Here are the lyrics for My Boy, the perfect song for your Mother Son - Groom Mom dance at the Wedding reception. This song was written specifically to be played at a Wedding and is one of 12 Wedding Songs that are included in the CD, 12 Songs for the Groom and his Mom. If you would like to make My Boy, the song you dance to at your son's (or your) Wedding,  please click here for Complete Ordering Information

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words and music by T.J. Loughran

MY BOY, so much more than just a son you are my joy

the very thing that gives me meaning

you've made my life so special your my boy

And from the very day that you were born, I thank God above

for all the days that we've had

and have yet to come


MY BOY, thanks for each and every treasure that you gave

every smile and every teardrop

every special moment that I've saved

I tell you here and now for all to see, just how glad I am

that you came into my life

and how proud you've made me

MY BOY so much more than just a son you are my joy

© Copyright 1998 by T.J. Loughran ALL RIGHTS RESERVED