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Here are a few e-mails we have received from people who have purchased our CD

12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom

I just wanted you to know that these CDs are going to be a huge part of my wedding. Even though I just spoke to you on the phone, I wanted you to have an email....The fact is that no one knew who you where up here, now they will and they will remember you. I am going to let all my friends know about you and most of all the DJs at the hall I am having my reception at, so that they can order these CDs for future weddings....I am so amazed that the songs are yours and so very happy. The minute I heard "My Wedding Day" I knew that was the song for my Mom and I, and once my fiance and I heard the Reggae style cake cutting song it all fit so perfectly!! Once again thank you for allowing us to have the music we want and will cherish!
Thank You again, J & K  Received Sept. 30 11:50 am


Dear TJ,
I just received your songs and Oh my God I have been crying uncontrollably. It just seems that all the feelings I have had bottled up inside of me have come out.   Your CD is fantastic. All the things a mother would like to tell her son but just can't find the right words to do so are in the CD. It's so hard to let go of a son. You did a great job! Now I have the task of trying to pick the right one. They are all so..... good.  My son is getting married in October so I'll be playing these songs over and over to be able to free my emotions for that special day.   I don't know how I'm going to get through the day. Thank You so much. I'm telling everyone. We will be having close to 300 guests I'm sure they're going to ask for your number. Thanks a million. One awfully grateful mother.
Regards, LT  Received Aug. 12, 10:00 pm

Thank you. I am very pleased with all the songs on these CDs. Usually there is only one song that is good, but they all are great. The bride and groom will be impressed with these CDs.
Sharon B. Wedding Planner Received Aug. 1, 10:07 pm

Hi TJ,
I received the CD today. Thank you so much for your prompt service. I fell in love with the song My Boy, and it reminded me so much of my sons. I know where to send friends if they are looking for some good wedding music. I have to say I am very impressed with your service.
Cheryl P. Received July 16 2:56 pm

I received the CD Wednesday afternoon in the mail, listened to it Wed. evening and had a long cry. The CD is great. Thank you.
PG  Received June 27, 12:20 pm


I love the CD and it was not easy to pick just one song, but the wedding is soon and barring my changing my selection, which I probably won't, It will be MY BOY.  Thanks for such a wonderful site, I have recommended it to several friends already.
GW Received Apr. 25, 5:39 pm

Hi again,
I just wanted to write and thank you for making such beautiful music. I used "This Little Boy of Mine" and it went over so well, there were tears everywhere. Thanks for making such a great CD.
Amy R.  Received Dec.14, 1:08pm

Evelyn, thank you for the wonderful CD. My daughter-in-law asked me to pick something for my son & I to dance to and I couldn't find anything that would say how special he is to me. I have chosen "This Little Boy of Mine" for our dance. I played the CD to my husband and we both liked that one the best. I am sure everyone at the wedding will love it too and there probably won't be a dry eye at the reception. Thank you again for making "our" dance special!
Received May. 29, 7:06 pm

Hi TJ & Evelyn -
Just wanted to let you know that I love the CD and plan on dancing to My Boy with my son at his Bar Mitzvah. Thanks so much for the beautiful song. I know that everyone will love it!
Received May. 28, 7:06 pm

Dear TJ and Evelyn:
My Son's wedding was this past Saturday and the song I picked was "My Boy". It is such a beautiful song. Thanks.
Received May. 1, 2:29 pm

Dear TJ, Evelyn, and Penny,

Thank you so much for getting your CD to me so quickly. I was so lucky to have found you on the website. The CD has so many wonderful songs to choose from. I played it on my way to work and cried with each song. They are all so very touching. I can't decide which song I like best and I'm sending it to my son to let him choose. He is being married on September 15th and whichever song we choose will be a wonderful addition to the wedding. Perhaps I can get him to play both one from me to him and one from him to me. Thank you so much for a CD that every mother will cherish.
Sincerely, LH received Aug. 31, 5:59 pm

Dear TJ and Evelyn...........thanks so much for doing such a beautiful CD, it just arrived yesterday, and I listened to it today and cried with each song. They are really nice. I think my decision for my son and myself will be the one titled MY BOY.........that is absolutely perfect for us! It will make our day even more wonderful, ...this one will be perfect for my youngest son's wedding. And yes it is a real tear jerker but its beautiful! Thanks again for helping us on this special day. Take care!
Sincerely, L received Aug 31, 12:10 pm

Hi, it's Patty,
Just wanted you to know my son got married this past Saturday and it was wonderful. The song I picked for us to dance to was "My Boy". My son also choose a song for us to dance to, it was "The Best of Friends". They both were very special, and I just wanted to say thank you for making my son's Wedding a little more special.
Yours truly, Patty L. received May 9,

Dear TJ & Evelyn,
Your CD is going to make our special day turn into a moment in time to remember. I'm planning on sending for the sheet music to 'When a Boy is Born'. It captures all the feelings that have been going through my mind after I was told he (Michael) had asked Cherish for her hand. You must get such a feeling of great reward knowing that you and your songs have touched so many people. I have given your e-mail to order to so many of my friends. I am the administrator of a retirement community, and so many of my residents have heard me sing some of your songs and have remarked what wonderful memories your words have meant to them. So for so many people that you don't even know, I thank you for the gift you have given us from afar.
Julie J. received Feb. 20,

I found your C.D. through the internet and ordered it immediately. It's great...very pleased with the sound and quality of your product. I do love the C.D. and as I have four unmarried sons I'm sure I will find a song appropriate for each of them as their weddings come along. Actually I enjoy the music for anytime listening. My oldest son will be married in March and I would like to use 'My Boy' for our dance. Thanks for great inspirational songs. It's about time someone realized how much a son means to a mother.
Carol F. received Aug. 24,

We choose "My Boy" for the dance with the mother of the groom and the groom. Of course, the song ended with a big hug and lots of happy tears. Thanks so much for your fantastic service (way above and beyond the call of duty) and for adding such a special touch to the wedding day.
Diane F Received March 12,

Dear TJ & Evelyn
Hi, I think your CD, 12 Songs for the Groom and His Mom is great, Penny has a beautiful voice, there are 3 songs, One Special Son in My Life, My Boy and A Wedding Day Wish for My Son that really are special to me. My son's bride wants the guests to be teary eyed with emotion and with these songs, I don't think there will be any problem with that---they are beautiful.Thanks again for putting these songs together for people like me that have trouble finding a song for that special dance on that special day.
Patricia C. Received Feb. 16

Dear TJ & Evelyn,
We received our CD within 3 days after ordering it....thank you so much for getting the CD to us so quickly! We had a difficult time chosing between "This Little Boy Of Mine", "When A Boy Is Born" and "One Special Son In My Life" but we, along with the help of Chris' Mother, decided to use the song "This Little Boy Of Mine"! It made us all cry. It it such a touching song.
Thank you again for being there for those of us engaged couples who have no one else turn to!!!
Good luck, may you sell many more of these CDs. We shall tell everyone we know about you!!
Michelle & Christopher D.!!! Received Dec. 26,

Dear TJ & Evelyn,
I don't know where to begin, or how to tell you, how simply beautiful each and every song on this site is! I loved every song!. My son got married last year,and I went crazy trying to find just the "perfect song". As you said, it was very important to me.I only wish, I had found your songs ! Congratulations to both of you! You have done a beautiful job! This will be so very helpful, for so many mothers. My daughter is getting married next Nov.2000, and I am going to order this and send it to my future son-in-laws mom. I know she will love it too! Thanks again, for such a special gift for all moms!
Sincerely, M M Received July 14,

TJ & Evelyn:
Thank you so much for the CD. I am writing to let you know that the wedding turned out beautifully and the song we picked was MOM, YOU'LL ALWAYS MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.. His Mom cried because she was not expecting to have a song dedicated to her. It was a real touching moment. Thank you so much for your kindness and your fast service. I have referred you to my Disc Jockey because he called after the wedding and asked how he could get a hold of the same CD, so I gave him the website. He was very appreciative. Once again, thank you lots!
Sincerely, Mrs. Virginia D Received August 27,

Dear TJ & Evelyn:
I Really enjoyed the CD. I listen to it every day. I still am undecided, and wish I could play them all. I have another three months to choose. Thank you again.
S L Received June 12,



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